Tuesday, 10 June 2008

House Husband

This week I'm learning a little bit about what it is to be a house husband. Rach is away for a few days work in Kettering, and so I'm looking after Caleb... and discovering exactly how tiring and hard work it can be.

Not that Caleb is difficult to look after! He's content, chilled even, and simply enjoys anything and everything. Yet, it's the challenge of trying to fit other things into the day, when all he wants to do is play, crawl, and walk his way into trouble and breakages.

Perhaps I have too many distractions, and wanting to be at my laptop responding to the copious emails mounting up in my inbox isn't 'normal' behavoiur for everyone! But I am realising exactly how amazing my wife is, managing to juggle so many responsibilities in our business and home, and, most importantly, look after our son.

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