Monday, 9 June 2008

Only 60,000 left in the UK

A small follow-up today to my Friday post about a possible endangered species - the red phone box. I added a PS to my feedback to the executive committee - a mention that I found it impossible to discover a list of BT payphones (all 60,000 of them) that one could use as an aid to planning a journey without a mobile phone.

Well, a colleague at the council emailed today to inform me that on speaking to BT, they say that they

"don't have a list ... in the public domain but ... shall make the point about provision of that in future."

Apparently there are lists that can be bought and downloaded on the web, from private companies that have compiled them, but to be honest, it bothers me that it's not free to do so. I'm really not sure how BT are keeping to their service obligations without such a search being possible. And free.

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