Tuesday, 17 June 2008

I'll try not to do it again

It's an unwritten rule for me: don't publish the Waverley Press Releases on my blog. Blogs need to be original content.

However, I must make something of an exception by way of quoting one that arrived at my inbox just a few minutes ago. It's about our negative housing subsidy (that I only blogged about again just last night), and is written passionately:

The Borough’s director of housing David January is a speaker at the Chartered Institute of Housing Conference in Harrogate on 18 June as part of a session titled “The Housing Revenue Account is dead – long live the HRA?”

He says that because the borough now contributes 48% of tenants’ rents to the Government as negative HRA subsidy it is unable to meet the Decent Homes Standard.

“We have started a campaign group to argue for a sustainable housing finance system for council houCIHsing,” he adds. “I passionately believe that the current system is grossly unfair to all local authorities with housing stock and that the HRA subsidy system is a pernicious tax on tenants and local decision making.”

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