Thursday, 26 June 2008

Root, root, root

Chicago CubsIf baseball were a UK sport, I think I might be a season-ticket holder. In all honesty, I've never experienced a sports event so wholesome in its appeal, with so much fun, and passion. Last night I was at a Chicago Cubs game at perhaps the Holy Grail of US baseball grounds, Wrigley Field.

Whilst the national anthem isn't the hearty crowd event that it is in the UK, (a minor celebrity sings it instead), there are sing-a-longs: middle of the 7th innings there's a traditional song 'rooting' for the Chicago Cubs, and then if the Cubs win, there's a victory song.

And there are families everywhere. No partition of fans. A kind of party atmosphere. Hot dogs, beer, candy...

Wrigley FieldPerhaps for the first time, I properly caught the sense of community and shared passion that makes America the can-do country that it is. And that's a great place, with great people.

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