Monday, 23 June 2008


Being in the US for business this week means I get to read much better quality front pages on newspapers. I'm pretty eclectic in my daily browsing, but I think I can safely say that no matter which it is, the quality of reporting (accuracy, literacy) is consistently better, and the range of topics much more conducive to informed opinions.

Here's a sample of headlines from the New York Times today:

Obama Camp Closely Linked with Ethanol
In Algeria, a Tug of War for Young Minds
Mugabe's Rival Quits Runoff
New Outreach to Blacks as Border Patrol Grows
Agreements Are Elusive At Oil Talks

I don't know about you, but I hear people generally touting Americans as uninterested in things overseas. But I say that we would rarely find such a mix of articles on the front pages of our newspapers, even my natural home, The Daily ToryTelegraph. (Especially ones about issues out of the normal public eye - Algeria for instance.

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