Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Rent Asunder don't think that I've ever bought a copy of the Guardian. There we go - my confession of the day. However, today would have a good day to break that vow of abstinence, as the paper covered what we in Waverley have been making a noise about for some time now: our negative housing subsidy.

It's a tragedy that because Waverley is perceived (in many ways accurately, but only in general terms) as a wealthy borough, it's pockets of poverty are dealt an awful hand by way of the central government's treatment of housing rents. We give back to the treasury 47% of the £23 million! Imagine what we could do with those funds to improve our housing stock, the lives of our tenants, and our communities.

Thanks to the efforts led by Waverley, this issue is now receiving the attention it deserves.

So, something that I didn't think I'd be writing in my blog today - I take my hat off to the Guardian.

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