Friday, 13 June 2008


Yesterday I picked up some maps from Jennie Falconer at the council offices. In our first steps towards a village design statement for Wrecclesham, we have decided that we need to know more about the village and its features and history, before agreeing an area for the statement. Wrecclesham has some nebulous boundaries in many ways, especially where it abuts Shortheath and Boundstone.

I'm a bit of a map nerd, and so took a peek at one today in between other work, and was immediately struck and astounded by the number of listed buildings in the village! I count 38 buildings throughout the village, with 28 of them on the main roads - Wrecclesham Road, The Street, and Wrecclesham Hill.

Our village has a lot to treasure and protect, and I believe the design statement will assist.

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