Thursday, 19 June 2008


We live near a small local shop. I'm all in favour of small local shops, but I'm absolutely not in favour of the litter caused the small local shop we live near.

It of course is true to say that it is the customers of the shop that drop the litter, and not the shop owners, managers or staff themselves (or at least I hope it's true). But that doesn't make the problem disappear, and I dispair at the regular appearance of our lane and nearby streets.

However, we have a local celebrity (in my mind anyway), in the shape of Mick. Frequently and regularly Mick clears the area using a litter pick, and copious black bags. The reason he doesn't have a barrow to assist him is that the one used in central Farnham was burned out by its departing owner (the litter-picker at the time), and so now Mick's barrow is in Farnha, not Wrecclesham.

In summary, Mick's a star, and a good bloke. Anyone in favour of a campaign for the local shop to buy him a new barrow?!

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