Monday, 24 March 2008

Back to my mac!

Back to my MacI know this may not mean much to anyone else, but just in case... I'm back on my mac! Hurrah!

Being a fanatic about Apple Macs is not unusual for a mac user, but since becoming a councillor I've not been able to fully use the Waverley email system on my mac. The council is based around Windows PCs and servers (isn't everywhere?), and like most public sector bodies and councils, uses Lotus Notes for its email and diary functions.

Thus, when asking as a new councillor, if Lotus could be installed on my mac, I received great help at attempting to do so, but no success.

After using a Windows laptop for a number of months, I decided that I simply had to get back to my mac, and after a concentrated effort this afternoon, I did it - I installed and configured Lotus Notes on my mac!

Thus ends my post of the day, which is probably only of real excitement to other mac users.

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