Friday, 7 March 2008

Queen's Birthday - our Queen!

In New Zealand (where I'm spending the weekend) actually has a public holiday for the Queen's Birthday. Yes, that's our Queen!

Now, I'm not certain that I would call myself a royalist or such like, but the depth of cultural attachment displayed by Kiwis to their home country - whether England or Ireland or Scotland or another - makes me realise that I'm sad about the increasing shallowness of the passion with which we hold onto our heritage in the UK.

It strikes me most when I see bills passed in the Houses of Parliament that abandon the moral foundation of our nation's law, and essentially put us on the path to tyranny, when our legislation is simply the result of, and response to, a short-term fad or fashion.

I would love to see the reawakening of full and deep discourse, and be able to believe once again, that our parliament is the home of leaders AND thinkers AND doers.

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