Saturday, 1 March 2008

Make space for place: relate

Relationships Foundation
I've long been a fan of the Relationships Foundation. It seeks to encourage relational thinking in business, politics and community. I get an email from them periodically, with a recent article attached, and today the article was by Michael Schluter, the founder of the organisation.

Michael worked as an economist for the World Bank before setting off to do things more community based, and he draws on his experience and skills to ensure that the thought leadership of the Foundation is appropriate and realistic.

His article on the benefits of face-to-face meetings (place) over technologically based virtual meetings (space) is great reading, and I heartily recommend it. A company I contract for takes this view, and from experience I can endorse the view that meeting colleagues in person can transform a working relationships, and enable long-distance communication to take on so much more meaning and clarity.

Find his article here, plus links to lots more.

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