Sunday, 9 March 2008

Planning for Physics

Most weeks I receive a list of all the new planning applications that have been received by the council. My usual process is to open it up, and search for references to Wrecclesham, or Rowledge, and check them out.

This week there is one from Weydon School. It look like they are consulting on changes to their entrance, and the possibility of a first floor extension for a science lab. Having been in the area only 3 1/2 years, and with no children of school age as yet, I'm not very familiar with Weydon, but, I'll be trying to visit soon to see the site of the application first hand.

As with all planning applications, anyone can comment by writing or completing an online form. This is amazingly helpful to councillors - to be able to know the opinions of local residents - and specially so here, as I am not on a planning committee, and can therefore advocate on behalf on residents, without prejudicing the decision.

Visit the Waverley Planning website - which is excellent - for more information.

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