Thursday, 20 March 2008

Waverley Weather

A first for me this morning - I opened my email to see a weather warning from the Safety and Emergency Planning Advisor, Keith Allen. I had heard that the weather wasn't going to be that great over the weekend, but I didn't expect the following, and certainly didn't expect to get if from Waverley! I keep learning more and more about what we do:

The Met Office issued an early warning this morning

Although it covers the whole of the SE of England, it is actually only Milton Keynes that we are singling out for a 60% risk of disruption. It is hopefully a bit clearer if you look at the Advisory online.

Let me give you a bit more of a breakdown of what we think might happen over the next few days

Friday: Cold with strong North winds and some showers - these may be wintry especially over the hills but will not settle or cause any problems.

Saturday: This is the time the Early warning is valid for. A spell of snow will cross the area - and there is a good chance (60%) it will settle in Milton Keynes. However, there is also a 40% risk of some settling snow in Kent, East Sussex, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. The highest risk of getting this settling snow is in the early hours of the morning. For the rest of the day it will again be bitterly cold with some wintry showers.

Sunday: Another very cold day with some wintry showers, and although we are not confident about how much snow there will be, we are concerned enough that there could be a reasonable amount of snow across parts of the SE that again we have issued an advisory.

Monday: Cold again with wintry showers.

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