Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Plan for a Village Design Statement

A conversation I had yesterday with a resident of Wrecclesham, who came to me with regard to a contentious development proposal nearby, crystallised for me my desire to help facilitate a Village Design Statement for Wrecclesham.

I posted about the challenges for a councillor of predisposition, predetermination et al a few days ago, and it relates to the complexities of national planning legislation when all a small community wishes to do is to ensure the continued existence of its natural way of being.

However, the challenges facing neighbourhoods in striving to protect there future in ways that complement existing structures and infrastructure, are greater. Planning law is not written in plain English, and is daunting to address, as well as frustrating in the process.

My wish, my proposal, is to facilitate the creation of a Village Design Statements. Such statements actually have persuasive power in that they are considered by planning authorities, and can hold quite some sway in decision making. Although they do take some time to create, it's been seen as worthwhile when done, as seen in another area of Waverley, Blackheath, Shamley Green and Wonersh.

If anyone is interested in being a part of such an endeavour, please do contact me, as I'm seeking to form a small group who can take this further. I've had a few expressions of interest, and we're keen to get it going as soon as possible.

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