Monday, 17 March 2008

Wrecclesham Playground Opening

Earlier today I attended the opening of the Wrecclesham Playground. Now, I don't yet make the habit of using playgrounds regularly, (although it won't be long before Caleb is old enough to enjoy it), but wow - great playground. There's even a swing a bit like a childseat, so you can strap your son or daughter in, and be happy that they're nice and safe. I think that will be the one that Caleb uses very shortly.

The one disappointment was that very few people turned up specifically for the opening. Our Waverley Mayor, Maurice Byam was there, as well as myself and Pat Frost, local councillors for Wrecclesham. Also, Jeff Thorpe of the Wrecclesham Recreation Ground Committee attended. However, any disappointment in offical turnout for the opening, pales into insignificance compared to the families who were there simply to enjoy them the playground, and were very obviously having a great time!

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